10 things you need to know when growing a beard

Beards are extremely popular at the moment. Everywhere you look in London, the streets are full of men proudly sporting their face fuzz.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of first time bearders are making some serious rookie mistakes in their search for facial perfection.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the 10 things you need to know before, and whilst, you grow your beard. We made these mistakes so you don’t have to.

1. Put the razor down!

A lot of people get nervous about growing a beard and back out at the last minute. Don’t be one of these people. Pretty much everyone looks better with a beard.

For example, a beard transformed Ben Affleck from a washed up actor to an Oscar winning star.

Everyone loves a beard, whether they admit it or not, so just get growing.

2. Embrace the itch

Nothing worth having was ever easy. Just accept it, for the first few weeks you will hate your beard. It’ll itch, it’ll annoy you, it’ll make you want to shave it off, but be patient. Eventually you will wake up and discover that your beard is no longer the bane of your existence, but a sweater for your face.

3. Let it grow

A mistake made by most newbe beard growers is giving their beard a trim before it is ready. Even if you are growing a short beard, you need to let it grow up for two months before you even think about trimming your whiskers. This allows the beard to grow thickly and properly.

4. Get it cut properly

When you get to two months of growth, you can get your beard trimmed and shaped. When you do, get it done at a proper barber. There are a large numbers of barbers out there offering beard treatments, but we recommend Joe and Co in SoHo. If this is the first time you get your beard trimmed, you’ll want to go for the full beard shape, cleanse and condition treatment but when you are just going to smarten your beard up you can opt for a cheaper quicker trim.

If you continue to grow your beard out, you’ll want to leave it around six to eight weeks before you get your beard trimmed again.

5. Play to your strengths and accept your limitations

If you have a patchy beard, don’t try and go full Hagrid – it aint gonna happen! Embrace your facial hair the way it is.


6. Go below the chin

A lot of men seem to think that having a beard that goes along their chin makes them look thinner. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Please stop doing this, it’s not a good look!

7. Look after your beard

Facial hair is special hair, so you need to look after it properly. You need to invest in a good beard conditioner as well as either beard moisturiser or beard oil.

For the conditioner and moisturiser, go with Murdock. They are one of the best established brands on the beard care market and they make some of the best products.

Murdock beard conditioner

If you’re going with an oil, go with Captain Fawcett beard oil. This stuff is quite expensive, but you only use a few drops at a time and can probably get away with only applying four times a week.

8. Get combing

Unless you are Gandalf or Fu Manchu, which statistically speaking you probably aren’t, your beard is not going to grow perfectly straight. You need to comb your beard at least twice a day. Not only does this straighten the beard,  it softens the hair and gives the beard shape.

9. Be patient

Patience is essential with growing a beard. Certain activities, like eating in public, can leave you looking like Mr. Twit and this may prompt you towards beardicidal thoughts, but you must resist.

10. Wear it with pride

Deep down, every man wishes he had a beard so go and strut your stuff!



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