How and where to Celebrate Holi in London

Today is is the Hindu festival of Holi, a glorious celebration of colour and love.

The festival is celebrated by the eating of great food and the throwing of brightly coloured paint, although ideally not at the same time.

The festival has become extremely popular all over the world in recent years, but particularly so in London.

However, it’s dangerous to go into any festival naively, particularly one with spicy food and in which paint bags are thrown at your head.

That is why we have produced our guide to celebrating Holi in London.

Cinnamon Kitchen’s House of Holi

Devonshire Square’s Cinnamon Kitchen is one of the best places to celebrate Holi in London this year.

For £15, you can pelt paint at one another to your hearts content and later be showered with Holi themed cocktails and canapés.

If you’ve built up an appetite, you can then enjoy a £30 five course Holi feast.

If you’re feeling a little more indulgent, you can spend £50 on a feast at the Kitchen’s elder brother, the Cinnamon Club.

The kitchen is running its Holi celebrations until the 14th March, so you have plenty of time to feast on Holi goodness.


It’s not just tonight that you can celebrate Holi, for many the festival can go on for months.

Dishoom in Camden is celebrating Holi in style on March 29th with street food, street art, music and gulal (Holi paint).

Tickets for Dishoom’s celebrations went on sale today, but they’re going quick.



The largest Holi celebrations in London held in the Olympic Park is more a music festival than anything to do with Holi.

However, in September, thousands will descend on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park under the guise of celebrating Holi.

The festival feels a little more sterile since it moved from Battersea Park to it’s current venue, but can still be a good time.

Tickets go on sale on the 19th and are available here.

QUICK TIP: you’ll find the festival a lot cheaper if you opt for the colour pack.

Holi Festival Of Colours London 2013 from Holi Festival Of Colours on Vimeo.


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