A message from the much maligned millenials

Millenials get a bad rep.

If you ask most people to picture the Millenial generation, they’d probably think of bearded hipsters frittering away their days in coffee shops, cat video obsessed BuzzFeed addicts, drunk MDMA fuelled students falling out of nightclubs, polyamorous twentysomethings spending their evenings Netflix and chilling.

Self-entitled molly coddled overgrown children who think the world owes them a living – that’s the general impression.

As a card carrying member of the Millenial generation, I can attest that this is patronising nonsense (apart from the bit about the beards). This view of Millenials is made all the more infuriating when it comes from members of Generation X, the most cosseted generation there’s ever been.

I know it’s tough to feel sorry for young people and this all just sounds like a spoiled brat moaning about the grown-ups, but let’s compare Millenials to their parents’ generation to prove Millenials aren’t as overindulged as they’re made out to be. Continue reading “A message from the much maligned millenials”


The Parkland Walk vs. The Garden Bridge

Hidden away behind Finsbury Park in North London lies one of the city’s hidden gems, the Parkland Walk. Following the path of an old high-line railway, the Parkland Walk is four and half miles of lush greenery. Continue reading “The Parkland Walk vs. The Garden Bridge”

Guest writer Jessie Rodgers reviews the Institute of Sexology

The appeal of ‘The Institute of Sexology’ comes from its willingness to ask interesting questions in relation to how institutions perceive themselves. From the name of the show, to its marketing and curatorial layout, it attempts to turn the exhibition space into a different form of institution and therefore change how we view the space. With this in mind, it leads us through sections entitled ‘Library’, ‘Consulting Room’, ‘Tent’ and ‘Classroom’. It is an institution impersonating another form of institution. Continue reading “Guest writer Jessie Rodgers reviews the Institute of Sexology”

How and where to Celebrate Holi in London

Today is is the Hindu festival of Holi, a glorious celebration of colour and love.

The festival is celebrated by the eating of great food and the throwing of brightly coloured paint, although ideally not at the same time.

The festival has become extremely popular all over the world in recent years, but particularly so in London. Continue reading “How and where to Celebrate Holi in London”

Chaos at London Bridge

Commuting is always a nightmare, but for unlucky commuters going through London Bridge it was especially bad.

Yesterday, commuters at London Bridge Station were faced with “life threatening chaos” after severe delays created enormous crowds in the ticket hall. Continue reading “Chaos at London Bridge”

A beginners guide to craft beer

Craft beer is everywhere at the moment, but do you have any idea what it actually is? Continue reading “A beginners guide to craft beer”

10 things you need to know when growing a beard

Beards are extremely popular at the moment. Everywhere you look in London, the streets are full of men proudly sporting their face fuzz.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of first time bearders are making some serious rookie mistakes in their search for facial perfection. Continue reading “10 things you need to know when growing a beard”

Is London too expensive to maintain its cultural dominance?

London is the cultural capital of the world, a hub for young creative talent to come to, master their craft and make their name. However, is London at risk of losing its crown as a result of a seemingly endless rise in the cost of living? I spoke to three up and coming creative talents to get their take on London’s cultural future. Continue reading “Is London too expensive to maintain its cultural dominance?”

Vinyl Sales Reach 18 Year High

Vinyl sales in the UK have reached the one million mark for the first time in 18 years Continue reading “Vinyl Sales Reach 18 Year High”

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