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Jeremy Corbyn

In defence of Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is getting a lot wrong at the moment. Even his most passionate defenders would have to admit that. He seems to be on a quest to alienate himself from the media, whose support he will need to have any hope of getting elected. In his quest to appear totally above the mirky world…

David Cameron

Dear Tory voters: you are not a persecuted minority

On Saturday evening, an article in The Independent began trending on Facebook. The piece, subtly titled “I’m a proud Tory. But with the left this belligerent and self-righteous, is it any wonder so many of us are ‘shy’?”, argued that the reason for the discrepancy between the polls throughout the election and the actual result was…

Election recording

General Election Live Blog

In order to cheer everyone up from their post-election funk…here are some of Paxo’s dodgy one-liners #AltElection — Jack Edward Hillcox (@JackHillcox) May 9, 2015 British PoliticsConservative PartyDavid CameronEd MilibandElectionGeneral ElectionLabourLabour PartyNick CleggNigel FaragePoliticsSNPToriesTory PartyUKIP

Union Jack

So what exactly are British values?

Over the course of the past 18 months or so, the phrase “British values” has been increasingly featuring in political speeches and interviews. It’s pretty clear what the main cause of this has been, the rise of UKIP. British ValuesConservative PartyDavid CameronNationalismNigel FarageUKIP

Wikinews terrorism

Terrorism: the Global Bogeyman

The 20th century sure was a terrifying time to be alive. It saw humanity permanately on the brink of utter devastation, be it world wars or nuclear Armageddon. Life sure is much calmer now, don’t you think? WRONG! As 24 hour rolling news will tell you, 21st century America is a bloody, violent and Godless…