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A message from the much maligned millenials

Millenials get a bad rep. If you ask most people to picture the Millenial generation, they’d probably think of bearded hipsters frittering away their days in coffee shops, cat video obsessed BuzzFeed addicts, drunk MDMA fuelled students falling out of nightclubs, polyamorous twentysomethings spending their evenings Netflix and chilling. Self-entitled molly coddled overgrown children who…

In case you missed it…a world cup just happened

This evening, I was lucky enough to attend one of the most incredible matches in sporting history. Twickenham Stadium saw a nail biting match full of complex intricate play and explosive runs, ending in arguably the greatest team in sporting history clinching victory in a record breaking match watched by millions of sports fans around the world. In the highest…

The Parkland Walk vs. The Garden Bridge

Hidden away behind Finsbury Park in North London lies one of the city’s hidden gems, the Parkland Walk. Following the path of an old high-line railway, the Parkland Walk is four and half miles of lush greenery. EnvironmentGarden BridgeLondonNatureNorth LondonParkland WalkSustainable Urbanism

Guest writer Jessie Rodgers reviews the Institute of Sexology

The appeal of ‘The Institute of Sexology’ comes from its willingness to ask interesting questions in relation to how institutions perceive themselves. From the name of the show, to its marketing and curatorial layout, it attempts to turn the exhibition space into a different form of institution and therefore change how we view the space.…


10 things you need to know when growing a beard

Beards are extremely popular at the moment. Everywhere you look in London, the streets are full of men proudly sporting their face fuzz. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of first time bearders are making some serious rookie mistakes in their search for facial perfection. AlternativeBeardCounter-cultureCultureHipsterLondon