The media isn’t always to blame

Following the atrocious attacks in Brussels that resulted in the deaths of 31 people, there has been a vast and understandable outpouring of sympathy.

Hashtags were quickly set up, memes of defiance swamped social media and the attacks received blanket coverage in the media.

Once the initial shock of the explosions subsided, a number of articles emerged criticising the lack of coverage dedicated to the Ankara bombings that had occurred just days before.

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10 things you need to know about Islamic State

This week, the United Kingdom began launching military flights over Iraq to combat the terrorist organisation known as Islamic State. The arguments for and against this campaign are complex, so here are a few key points to help you understand the situation in the Gulf.

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Terrorism: the Global Bogeyman

The 20th century sure was a terrifying time to be alive. It saw humanity permanately on the brink of utter devastation, be it world wars or nuclear Armageddon. Life sure is much calmer now, don’t you think? WRONG! As 24 hour rolling news will tell you, 21st century America is a bloody, violent and Godless place with suffering and death looming around every corner. This hell-hole is so terrible that we are willing to sacrifice our most basic human rights in the hope that if we sacrifice enough, eventually it will all go away. However, is this mentality really any different to a child’s fear of the bogeyman in their closet? Continue reading “Terrorism: the Global Bogeyman”

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